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Major ratio of internet users don't look beyond Page 1 of search results. Is your website listed on Page 1 in Google? If not, we will make it for you!

Why SEO for your Business?

Every business wants to appear on the top of search results when customers are searching for product or service that they sell. Everyday millions of people turn to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines to get information on products and services. Reaching the top of the search results takes a lot of hard work and a solid SEO strategy. When done correctly, search engine optimization can help attract more leads and sales, which results in more revenue. If you are not making an effort to improve your organic search engine ranking positions, you are missing opportunities for your business to grow.

SEO plays a significant role because it keeps the organic search results unbiased Several researches have proved that nowadays users trust search engines and achieving a top position in the search engine ranking indicates to the users that your website is a reliable source. SEO also helps in improving user experience, making customers repeat buyers.

SEO helps in getting passive traffic to your website. In contrast with Pay Per Click advertising where one needs to pay when someone clicks on the ad based on keywords, in Search Engine Optimization once your ranking improves and reaches on the first page of Google, your site will start getting continuous traffic from keywords for which your site is optimized for and moreover, you do not have to pay for it. This means, through SEO your business can get free, targeted prospects for your business.

How seo helps your business

WebEaz- Ranking in organic search

Ranking in Organic Search

The significance of ranking highly for a keyword that has an average to high search volume is important for a business. So, to service in the online landscape, your brand needs to have SEO that has the right understanding of the changing search engine algorithms.

WebEaz- Cost Effectiveness

Cost effectiveness

Compared to other marketing strategies, search engine optimization is a better strategy because it helps you get your targeted customers, lessening the amount of money that you need to invest in other marketing strategies.

WebEaz- Increse Traffic

Increased traffic

With right Search Engine Optimization services, you can increase the number of visitors who are actively and looking for your products and services.

WebEaz- Long Term Positioning

Long term positioning

The results which one gets through the search engine optimization stays for a long period of time when compared to PPC, where costs and expenses are continuous and unpredictable.

seo activities

WebEaz- SEO On Page Optimization


Our team of SEO experts make sure to optimize your website to make it rank on top of the Search Engine Results Page.

WebEaz- SEO Off Page Optimization


We will improve the visibility of your site by building relevant links from credible websites.We concentrate on link building which helps in attracting high quality in-bound links.

WebEaz- Local SEO


We promote your website in such a manner that it reaches local customers when they search for your products and services.Few mediums through which customers can reach include Google Map & classifieds.

WebeEaz- Mobile Responsiveness


With the growing number of mobile users today, we make sure that your website is totally mobile responsive.

WebEaz- Advanced SEO


Once we complete basic optimization, we incorporate advanced SEO tactics which doubles the search traffic. Some of the advanced techniques we follow include creating SEO optimized landing pages, placing links to external sites with high domain authority and many more.

WebEaz- Rich Snippet Code


Rich snippets are extra piece of information that the search engine is able to recognize on the page. The snippet codes used by us like for example schema.org allows search engines to understand what information is contained in each and every web page.

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