How Search Engine Marketing helps your business achieve success?

Sem | 06-Feb-18

Sunila Menon

Right at this moment, somewhere, a potential B2B customer is looking for your products. But, have you ever thought who they will find first- you or your competitor?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for B2B companies is all about reaching to the customers at the right moment when they are looking for your products on Google and other engines. But how can you get full benefits from Search Engine Marketing and move ahead of the competition? Here are a few steps that we follow to help you achieve succes.

  • Outline an operational strategy:  Most often, B2B companies opt for search engine marketing without a clear strategy. Avoid this. You should get on the right foot by clearly defining who is your target audience, identify their respective requirements and highlighting how their products and services can meet their needs.  Next is to review your company’s position in the market. Find out who are your top competitors and your firm’s competitive benefit. Ultimately, you should identify specific benchmarks and goals like website traffic increase, search rankings, ROI metrics and sales lead volume. These will help in measuring the success of your search engine marketing campaign. It basically forms the foundation of your campaign and ultimately leads you to achieve success.
  • Choose the right keywords: The most important step in B2B search engine marketing is to choose the most important keyword phrases. It is very important to follow this step in the right way or else your campaign will be a failure. When you are choosing the keywords, it is important to select phrases that are relevant to your business. You should think what the customer will type while searching for your products and services. In this regard, you can use keyword research tools by Google Adwords, SEMrush, Hubspot, MOZ etc.
  • Optimize the content of your website: Now when you know the most important keywords, it’s time to put them to work.  You have to ensure that your website content is optimized to take full benefits of these phrases. Start by giving a website copy that consists of all the important information of your company that a reader wants to know. Make sure your website content contains all the important keyword phrases in the right manner. Next thing to focus is website structure. It majorly consists of the code behind the website that the search engines see when they visit your site. You should use keywords in the title tags, meta description, alt tags and heading tags.
  • Get your website indexed by the top search engines: To be found online, you should make sure that all the pages on your site are totally indexed by the major search engines, i.e. Bing and Google. Both these search engines provide a free console to monitor as well as handle your website’s presence in the search results.Google and Bing has large number of resources on SEO and best practices in their Help Center. There is no need to use the search consoles for your website that needs to be included in the search results, but doing this can help in understanding how search engines see your website and optimize its SEO performance accordingly.
  • Attract high quality links to your site: Link building activities involve attracting links to your site from other websites that are visited frequently by your targeted visitors. The more quality inbound links your website will have, the more popular your website will be considered by Google, Bing and many other search engines.  One of the best ways to build links is to make your website content worthy. It has been found that good content attracts links, therefore you need to make sure that your website is filled with informative and interesting content like a library of the best articles, blog regarding development and current industry trends etc. Next, you should get your website listed in portals and online directories. It is always better to choose vital online destinations within your industry, then slowly move your focus to general purpose directories like and Yahoo Directory. Also, you can get links from customers, vendors, trade associations and business partners. If you keep on applying these link building strategies, your website’s ranking on Google will definitely get affected.
  • Measure your success: As with all the marketing activities, you should measure your success to find how well performed you are in the past and what are the strategies that you should improve your results in the coming days. As B2B search engine marketing is about generating targeted traffic, start by leveraging web analytics for monitoring the increase in traffic from search, comparison of new visitors and returning visitor and many more. To ensure that the volume of targeted customers keep on increasing, you need to keep an eye on your search result ranking.  On a daily basis, keep checking your position in search engines for the most important keyword phrases you are using. Ultimately, in order to measure success of your PPC ads, take help of the Web to record the cost per visit, cost per sale and cost per lead for all the pay per click advertisements. 


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