Tips to rank your website in 1st Page of Google Search Results

Seo | 01-Feb-18

Sunila Menon

Have you imagined what would we do without Google no more in our lives? Yes, our lives will be clueless. Whenever we require an answer, no matter whatever is the question Google always comes up with relevant answer for it.

However, have you noticed that most of the time we end up clicking and browsing those sites which appear on the 1st page of Google only. Yes, this is due to the unique strategy of digital marketing and the procedure that assists in this entire ranking gam is known as the Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Every business who wants an edge in the competitive market follow SEO strategies of internet marketing. It is inclusive of both technical as well as creative elements which develops improved traffic statistics for a certain website. In fact, it is considered as a clever method of marketing that produces impressive results when implemented in the right way.

So, here are a few points that should be kept in mind if you want your business to secure a top place in the Google search results.

Creative content: The first and the foremost thing that plays a major role in making your website rank in the top place is your web content. Make sure the content should be engaging enough so that the visitor keeps browsing for more and more resulting in generating more leads.

User experience: An improved user experience helps the visitors to find the correct information on your company’s website in an easy manner so that they do come back to your website when they need any information about your products or services.

Optimizing methods: As far as contents are concerned, you need to make sure that you use well-researched keywords in the contents and your ads as this actually makes a huge difference in making your website rank in the first page of Google search results.

Use of mobile pages by Google: Always try to use the recent Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology from Google in order to build the content so that it can be easily read by the smartphone users.

Use video ads for reaching out to more audiences: These days’ video advertisements like the ones broadcasted in YouTube are gaining popularity as it is considered as the number one video portal. It has been noted that the viewers watch the advertisements for a few seconds prior to the video starts and therefore, make sure the content on the video is catchy enough which will in turn make the viewer stop from skipping the ad.

Checking reviews: In today’s world, when everything is moving digital, online reputation of a brand name plays a vital role. Therefore, you should always check the online reviews about your brand and reach in a positive manner to the negative reviews. Always keep one thing in mind, before making the final decision every customer will have a look at the reviews and the reputation of your company online. If for any chance, it is bad then, they will definitely move to other option. 

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