Can your customers find your business on the First Page of Google?

Seo | 23-Mar-18

Sunila Menon

There was a time, not so long ago, when Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was simply a cool buzzword used by individuals in-the-know. If you could find out a neat small SEO trick, you will be able to push yourself ahead of the competition and grow your business at a fast speed.

But, nowadays everybody seems to be doing SEO. Is it worth? With increase in competition, is there a chance to get an edge for yourself?

How does Google decide which sites should rank first?

Google works on an algorithm that attempts to understand what is the website about and how much popular they are. SEO signifies optimizing a website so that Google can understand it, with the objective of promoting your business to come up when the customers search for the products and services that your company is offering.

Factors that determine rankings

While there are several factors that play an important role in affecting your rankings, two most significant ones are links and content.

Your content should be phrased in the right way so that your website ranks for the right search terms. Let’s take an example. Let’s say you own an Italian restaurant. You provide the best Italian sauce in the whole city, but only your existing clients are aware of it. If your page says, “Tom’s Italian Food: The Best in the City”, it might be clear to you that you have Italian sauce. However, Google is not that smart. Until and unless you use the word “Sauce” on your website, Google will not understand that your restaurant serves it. SEO agencies will take their time and find out what customers are searching for on Google and ensure that your website is phrased in the right way.

Right content actually informs Google what actually your website is about. However, still we need to show it that your website is popular. Always remember one thing, Google always places the best website first. Now, how does it know which website is the best? The answer is: by the number of pages that link to your website.

Let’s say your Italian restaurant business is going well. Food bloggers are posting positive reviews about your meals by giving a backlink to your restaurant’s website. Even the local newspaper publishes a story on your business online. These things make Google think that it’s a restaurant that’s getting lot of attention from the customers, so it’s better to make it visible when people search food “good Italian sauce restaurant online.”

Does your business really need SEO?

There are many businesses that might be doing well without any SEO. They might have the thought that, this is working for me, why I need to spend on SEO. But, the real fact is that functioning businesses are the right nominee for SEO. You already know that your pricing is working, and you know that customers are liking your products or services. SEO produces positive results only if you have a functioning business.

SEO has now become the industry standard for any business that has an online presence. Ignoring SEO shows your business is left behind. If you don’t concentrate on promoting your business online through SEO, it won’t take much time for your competitor to push you aside. Don’t let this happen. Let our Search Engine Optimization experts help your website get more visibility on the search engine results page. 


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